Poor guy was getting tired of relying on nickel-metal hydrides.

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  • Michele Boulay

    Cuuuute! :)

  • lol. This is charming. I can certainly understand his need for more variety in his diet. Thanks for visiting my Etegami blog!

  • Ha! I love the look on his face. He is a great looking robot and I particularly like his means of locomotion. You did a great job inking him.

    I have nothing good to say about hot dogs, though.

  • He is brilliant – particularly his rather distasteful expression as he contemplates this new, not-particularly-appetizing foodstuff – and I think your ink lines are fantastic. Thanks, also, for your comment on my IF offering this week – much appreciated!

  • Oh dear, I hope this doesn’t gunk up the gears. I’m sure mustard can be quite corrosive.

  • Love the splash of color behind him! Excellent little illo, can feel his pain on the hotdog.

  • Love it! Poor robot, hope the hot dog agrees with him!

  • Fun illustration…great expression on the robot’s face! Just what is he going to do with that hot dog?

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