Lunch Bag Daddy Doodles

My kids used to go a whole day… a whole 6-9 hours without hearing from or even thinking about their old man. Those must have been good days. I’m sure they’ll remember them fondly.

A few years ago I came up with an idea that changed all that: Lunch Bag Daddy Doodles. Since then, almost daily, I’ve drawn a doodle on a small card or their lunch bag for each of my three kids. Poor kids. Just as they’re about to enjoy a blissful lunch break, there’s my doodle, reminding them that daddy’s watching them, always watching.


I figure my doodles served a few purposes:

  1. To remind my kids of the ball-and-chain they have to endure until they’re old enough to move out, maybe even longer
  2. To give me an opportunity to do some warm-up drawings each morning
  3. To act as a pseudo-journal of my kids’ lives and sometimes their achievements
  4. Oh, and to remind them how much I love them


Even their friends have joined in and have requested their favorite characters be drawn, hopefully making my kids really popular. I’m sure their popularity is all my doing.

Anyway, if you’d like to see a few more, head on over to my flickr page, STAT!


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  • hailee brussow

    Hi thus is Hailee you probably know me I’m Lindsay’s friend and I love your drawings you put in her lunch bags they are sooo cool!!!!

  • Garth Bruner

    Thanks Hailee! I’m so glad you like ’em!

  • Carla

    I was doing something similar for my kids but they took no notice of them and they were in grade school…LOL! I love these and like doing them for other school children where I work! Now my kids ask for them…Godspeed! You are teaching your kids incredible lessons!!

  • Sharon

    I would never be able to throw one single on of these away! They’re great and, if they don’t already, one day your kids will absolutely treasure them! You’re an awesome dad! :)

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