I’ll draw for you!

I love being hired by publishers to illustrate for books and magazines. There’s nothing quite like seeing your art in print.

However, I equally love creating original art for friends and family! I’ve been commissioned to illustrate robots, caricatures, fan art, monsters, kids, pets… so many drawings.

Did you know that you can commission (hire) me to create something specifically for you? It’s true! My work makes great gifts for loved ones too (so I’ve heard.) Here are a couple of ideas for you if you’re thinking of having me do something for you:


Pet Pins are 1.25 inch hand-drawn and painted pins of your pet (or kids, or anybody, or anything!) to show off to the world! They’re only $10 each. Just email me at artofgarth(at)gmail(dot)com with a picture or two of who (or what) you’d like on the pin! It’s that easy, and you’ll have an original piece of art for your own!


Doodle Cards are small hand-drawn and painted pieces of art (4 inches by 6 inches) that are affordable and full of character. There’s a bit more room on these, and they’re illustrated on high quality paper suitable for framing. I’ll draw anything in my illustration style (kid-friendly, that’s my style) and mail it to you. Doodle Cards start at $20 (depending on how much you want to cram into that little space) with free shipping to the U.S.. Same way to order as the Pet Pins: Just email me at artofgarth(at)gmail(dot)com with a picture or two of who (or what) you’d like me to draw, any details on their personality, name, and if you have a specific deadline. It’s that easy, and you’ll have an original piece of art show off at your desk! Won’t your coworkers be jealous.

Hey, I’m open to other options too! If you think of something else you’d like me illustrate for you, just email me! I’m fast and fun to work with!

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