Forgotten Monsters – Edmond


Forgotten Monsters. Monsters who have long outlived their original purpose and usefulness. There are a lot of them and I’ve memorialized each one on a 1.25″ pin that you can adopt and make your very own. They’re small, and they don’t get in your way, perfect for your backpack, suspenders, or fanny pack. Each has their own personality and story, some that will just break your heart. Each is hand-drawn and watercolored and one of a kind. You can adopt them for only $5 each! You don’t have to go through any background checks and there’s very little paperwork in the adoption process. Just contact me!

• About Edmond •

Edmond the spirit, the ghost, the apparition, call him what you want, just don’t call him cute. Years of wear and tear have pockmarked his clean white cover, but he says it gives him character. And what a character he is. Keep him close to you with the pin back (conveniently provided.) He’s been known to wander. If you’d like to adopt him, it’s just $5 including shots. Contact me!

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