The Twilight Zone, S:1, Ep:6, “Escape Clause”

Escape Clause

This isn’t what you signed up for, now is it?


The Twilight Zone, S:1, Ep:5, “Walking Distance”

Walking Distance

Ah, to be a kid again…


The Twilight Zone, S:1, Ep:4, “Sixteen Millimeter Shrine”

Sixteen Millimeter Shrine

A star-struck star? Only in her mind… bless her heart.


The Twilight Zone, S:1, Ep:3, “Mr. Denton On Doomsday”

Mr. Denton On Doomsday

Pick your poison.


The Twilight Zone, S:1, Ep:2, “One For the Angels”

One For The Angels

So, who ends up dying in the end? You’ll just have to watch to find out!


The Twilight Zone, S:1, Ep:1, “Where Is Everybody?”

My personal time machine (a.k.a. Netflix) has dropped me smack in the middle of The Twilight Zone. So I thought I’d journal my journey with spot illustrations I’ll call “Piques”. (A “peek” into each episode to “pique” your interest. Aren’t I clever?)

These aren’t spoilers, neither are they exact snapshots of what really happened. Rather, my twisted interpretation (many times humorous) of each episode. Come back often!

Here’s Season 1, Episode 1. Entitled “Where is Everybody?”

Season 1, Episode 1, Where Is Everybody?

I just KNEW it was her smoking that cigar!


Spooky Frankenkind

kind frankenstein

Some of my favorite people are those who look gruff and spooky on first appearances, but turn out to be soft and mushy on the inside.


Read Today/Book Festival

Since before summer this year, I’ve been on a reading initiative committee (comprised of people from KSL TV, Deseret News, Deseret Book, Deseret Digital Media and Temple Square Hospitality) to encourage kids to read regularly during the summer in the state of Utah. To do this, we created Read Today to help kids track their reading minutes, and get rewards for doing so. which I designed (sans the logo) and had some brilliant developers who made it all work wonderfully!

Some kids were reading thousands of minutes (!!) and won prizes from Lagoon Park passes to KSL5 helicopter rides! At the end of the summer we held the KSL Book Festival at the University of Utah to celebrate what every child accomplished. It was a great success!

While planning the festival, we discovered that Deseret Book had a mouse costume that we thought would be fun to have someone wear and walk around greeting the children. My cartoonist mind started buzzing, and I proposed the idea of creating a cartoon character based off the costume (the cart before the horse, in a way), and feature him on the website and on all the literature, so that the kids would recognize him at the festival. After that idea was accepted enthusiastically (woohoo!), I was feeling a bit encouraged and pitched a book idea about this mouse character. This too was accepted (double woohoo!) and within three-week’s time, I had written and illustrated a small book called The Adventures of Isaac (5×7″, 8 pages) that we gave to each child that came to the festival. Deseret Book printed the book.

I walked around with Isaac all day and helped hand out the book to the young children. What a treat that was to be able to hand out my own book! When some of the younger children were terrified of a giant rodent trying to give them hi-fives, I would just hand them a book, and they would warm up a little and allow Isaac to sign it. :)

Now that the festival is over, we’ll start a new season of reading initiatives and start planning for next year’s festival! I can’t wait! Maybe another Isaac book?

The KSL Book Festival logo I designed.

This poster features an Isaac illustration that was used on fliers, ads (TV and newspaper), volunteers' TShirts, and merchandise.

Festival and Isaac branded book bags for sale.

Bookmarks for the kids to color.

A box filled with thousands of The Adventures of Isaac book!

The Adventures of Isaac closeup.

Isaac, me, and my children. Isaac was grounded for forgetting his glasses at home.

The reading area where we featured celebrity readings.

By the end of the day, they were desperate for readers so they downgraded the "celebrity readers" rule and had me read The Adventures of Isaac. Isaac was there to sign the books and keep the kids entertained!





I had to speed through this one to make the Illustration Friday deadline, so you’ll notice it’s quites sketchy. It’s a play off another illustration I did quite some time ago: Momentum